October 3, 2023

How Technology Has Affected Our Lives

Technology has turned into the main focal point of our daily lives. We literally can’t seem to survive without the use of most of the gadgets that connect us to our family and friends on a constant basis.

Technology has also found ways to bring the entire world onto one platform. What used to cost you greatly in the old days, like keeping in touch with friends and loved ones overseas, is now totally free since the people you love are just a click away.

The main advantage of social media sites is that it helps you tokeep in touch with the ones you love seem in new and improved ways. This enables you to feel closer to your loved ones even though you are actually miles apart. 

Although you used to buy kids wooden toys during your childhood, these days, children look at items such as these as a waste of money and will appreciate it more if you will let them use the computer, play with the phone or enjoy their video games the entire day.

However, there is also a rise in disadvantages of technology too. For instance, it is taking up a lot of our time. One of the scariest things is that social media has opened up the doors for people who have ulterior motives to reach their victims without leaving much of a trace, quality educational toys for toddlers. Although it was made for good, some people use technology for their personal advantage and try to harm the innocent. For instance, social media sites as Facebook are used to stalk on innocent teenagers. This is why it is important to use such platforms with the right security measures.

Since children are glued to their electronic gadgets and have no time or interest in playing outside or making friends the old fashioned way, parents are getting quite concerned about the influence of technology. It is also observed that many of the children, when asked what they would want, don’t even think of asking their parents to buy kids wooden toys but instead prefer to have the latest gadgets since owning modern tech gadgets increases the self-esteem of children. The fact that children are starting to judge people based on their ability to afford modern tech gadgets has also got many parents worried. This disappoints those who do not own and cannot afford any of the latest electronic items.

As much as technology has brought the world together, it also seems to be pulling people apart by creating differences of interest between individuals.