October 3, 2023

Benefits Of Exclusive Nursing And Continued Nursing

The human mother is intended to breast feed her child for at least the first two years of her life with exclusive breast feeding for the first six months and breast milk combined with other solid food for the next eighteen months. However, the modern mother will usually give up breast feeding after the first five to six months and switch the baby to cow’s milk instead which is extremely bad for your baby. Cow’s milk increases the acidity in our blood which causes our body to have a natural reaction of leeching calcium from our bones to neutralize the acid in our blood. This causes severe calcium deficiency. This is because the milk of a cow is meant for baby cows and not for humans. It is dangerous for humans and damaging to our health. However, there is a multibillion dollar dairy industry that depends on your money and your ignorance to earn their billons and will therefore brainwash human mothers with billions of dollars’ worth of advertising to convince you that the breast milk of a cow was indeed intended for humans. This may sound silly but the truth is that the industry has millions of people convinced and human mothers around the world continue to feed their babies formula made of cow’s milk instead of breast feeding them which is also convenience for the modern busy working mother but is in turn damaging to the baby’s health.

Dealing with problems

Sometimes you might experience a problem with breast feeding your baby. Many mother’s will usually give up and switch their baby’s to formula at this point but the truth is that with the help of a baby feeding consultant in Sydney, you should be able to remedy the problem and start breast feeding very soon.

With SOS feeding therapy, you baby should be able to enjoy all of the benefits of the milk you produce and the milk that your baby was intended to drink by nature.

Many of us may be aware of the nutritional benefits of human breast milk for our baby but a fact that we may not be aware of is that breast milk can also help your baby to fight numerous diseases and remain healthy in an unhealthy world. Breast milk is essentially a magic substance provided by nature to help your baby grow up strong and have a strong immune system even in to adult life. It has every nutrient and vitamin that your baby needs to grow up healthy which cow’s milk will not have.